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Spiritual Medium In New York City

NYC Psychic Medium

Midtown Manhattan Psychic is a top NYC psychic and spiritual advisor.  Our popular New York based psychic and spiritual adviser offers many different services.  All services are provided from a comfortable space in Midtown Manhattan that is easy to get to and near just about everything.  We can’t wait to see you!

“Midtown Manhattan Psychic is by far the best psychic near me in NYC.  I’m so happy I found her and will continue to see her monthly for readings!”  Wendy B., New York, NY

Meet Your talented medium

A Gifted Fortune Teller & Advisor

Our NYC Psychic adviser uses a combination of spiritual intuition and natural abilities in the areas of love and relationships, future forecasting, love spells and past life readings.  She offers healing guidance and direction to Midtown Manhattan psychic customers near and far.  Our psychic tries to advise customers in a positive spiritual direction, regardless of any hindrances the future has in store for them.

Our psychic is a talented spiritual advisor, clairvoyant and gifted medium.  We are well know to be NYC’s top-rated psychic.  We have been practicing spiritual healing and advising, for a long time and want to assist you spiritually by delving into your past, present and future!

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Offering A Range Of Services

Our Spiritual Medium Offers Guidance To Midtown Manhattan CLients

Psychic Readings

Tarot Card Reading

Pet Psychic Readings

Astrology Services

Crystal Healing

Crystal Energy Readings

Full Life Reading

Past Life Reading

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Advisement

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More About New York’s Top Rated Psychic!

Midtown Manhattan Psychic is located in NYC.  Our business is centrally located in Manhattan and convenient from many different locations.  Manhattan Psychic is near port authority, Times Square, and many means of public transportation. For more information on location and directions, contact us today!

In addition to our great location, we offer the best in psychic services!  There are many reasons you should see a psychic, so visit us today! We are in the hub of the city and can’t wait to see you!

Psychic Readings NYC

For accurate and detailed NYC Psychic Readings, visit us today!

Tarot Reading NYC

Our NYC Tarot Reading services are top notch.  Visit us today!

Spiritual Healing NYC

Our Spiritual Healing NYC services will bring awareness and clarity.

Astrology NYC

Psychic Lisa offers a range of astrology services as well.

Our Psychic’s Background

A Journey To Clarity

Our psychic, at Midtown Manhattan Psychic, realized her abilities as an adolescent.  She knew she had a talent as a spiritual advisor and healer, and often aided others through her intuitions.

She found that her dreams were almost always correct.  She understood things others did not.  These unique abilities thus began her incredible journey as NYC spiritual adviser and healer.  She quickly entered into the realm of healing and the supernatural .

What Our Customers Say


My visit with Midtown Manhattan Psychic was awesome! While on a girls trip in New York, we decided to visit a psychic, and chose Midtown Manhattan Psychic. I’ve never been to a psychic before, but the whole experience was truly amazing!… read more

Paige M.

July 2019

My friends and I decided to stop into Midtown Manhattan Psychic while on vacation and it was a super fun and unique experience! It was super spooky how accurate our readings were.The environment and staff were super chill and everyone had good vibes… read more
Amanda Marie

June 2019

I have to say that this is my first time going to a psychic. I watched psychic shows on TV and I thought it would be something I’d like to do. I was honestly a bit skeptical, but New York City gave me that opportunity to try out a psychic in person.  I can say that… read more

Adam B.

June 2019

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