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Top Interesting Things To Do In New York

New York City is undeniably one of the most famous cities in the world and with more than sixty-five million people visiting the city each year, it is also one of the most popular in the world. If you ask anyone who lives there to give you recommendations for things to do, they will give you a list as long as their arm, likewise, with anyone who has visited the city for a vacation, they will also have a never-ending list.

You see, NYC might not cover a lot of land area compared to other famous cities around the world, but it is packed full of things to see and do, places to visits, and memories to be made; it is an absolute hub in terms to attractions and entertainment. You could live a whole life there and constantly make new discoveries and see new things.

However, for many, the thought of going to such a place can seem overwhelming, maybe you have limited time and don’t want to miss the best parts, or perhaps you just want to get to know the city better, and don’t know where to begin. Well, with this in mind, we have put together a list of 15 interesting things to do in NYC, to save you the headache of scouring a thousand pages across the internet, or the panic of missing something.

The Only List You Need!

  1. Get a Psychic Reading

Why not kick your trip off with something completely different and there is no doubt that you will have an interesting time! It doesn’t matter if you had taken part before, or you feel a little skeptical. NYC has plenty of highly-rated psychics who could give you just the insight you need right now!

Try psychic readings NYC with Midtown Manhattan Psychic for one.  We’re sure you won’t be disappointed with this top-rated Manhattan psychic!  Additionally, Midtown Manhattan Psychic offers love psychic NYC readings to help you find your soulmate or with any other relationship issue.

  1. The Yankee Stadium

You don’t need to be a big sports fan to visit the Yankee Stadium, this is definitely one of those things to do that is as much about the experience as it is about the sports. So, head over to the Bronx, and watch one of the most memorable baseball games of your life.

  1. Escape Room Madness – NYC’s Best Escape Room Game

Visiting Escape Room Madness – NYC’s best escape room game can be fun and entertaining for the whole family!  They are located at 38 W 32nd St 5th Floor, Ste 500, New York, NY 10001 and are very close to Empire State Building and Korea-town for reference. Take your group to escape room madness and use one of their 6 exciting escape rooms! We know you won’t be disappointed.

  1. See a Palmist for a Palm Reading

There are many recorded benefits of seeing a palm reader, including, a gained confidence in decision making, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and even finding a purpose for your life.  Just think!  Just one reading could change your life.

You could try NYC palm readings with Midtown Manhattan Psychic.  We think you’ll be very happy with all that you learn!

  1. Chelsea Market

Everyone loves to eat their way through a new city, and Chelsea Market affords you the perfect opportunity to do so. Located in the Meatpacking District, you will find nearly forty food stalls selling any food or drink you could want. Some of the best tasting food, snacks, and even coffee can be found right here.

  1. Have Your Chakras Balanced

Reaching a feeling of total relaxation and awareness is something that can be achieved through chakra balancing. This practice focuses on allowing your body to restore its energy, and revitalize your mental and physical health. You will feel like a whole new person after this experience.

Try chakra reading NYC and find peace and serenity in very little time!

  1. Ellen’s Stardust Diner

If you enjoy listening to live signers as you eat your food, then this is the perfect place for you. Don’t worry, the waitress are trained singers hoping to crack Broadway so sit back and enjoy the show.

  1. 9/11 Memorial

There is no doubt that this is a powerful and thought-provoking place, for anyone. But despite, the somber thoughts, it is something that you will regret not seeing. The memorial and museum has been done with beauty and grace and is a place you will never forget.

  1. Top of the Rock

Head to Top of the Rock for one of the most epic views of the whole city. While many people go to the Empire State Building to soak up the views, from this viewpoint you get to see the Empire State Building in the skyline and up close. But, of course, both offer fantastic views of the city!

  1. See an Astrologist for Birth Chart Compatibility

Get a deep and intricate report on your compatibility with friends, your partner, or a possible relationship. This is a fabulous way to find out who you are compatible with in your life, and how to have the most fulfilling relationships with the right people.

If you are unsure about any romantic or platonic relationship you have, let an astrologist help you in the right direction.  You can find more information on astrology NYC by reaching out to a few professionals in the area.

  1. Greenwich Village

This is an exciting place not only for the masses of delicious bakeries, coffee shops, and cheap bars but also because you can see the ‘Friends’ building! Stand outside the building that is on the corner of Grove St and Bedford St, and sing as loud as you can!

  1. The MET

For art enthusiasts, this is something you cannot miss, under any circumstance. Even for people who are neither here nor there about the idea, give it a chance and you might just walk out with a completely different opinion.

  1. Sit in the Audience of the Tonight Show

Tickets are free and can be found on NBC’s website.  But we truly believe that sitting in the audience for a taping will certainly give you a story to tell!

  1. Get a Tarot Card Reading

Tarot readings aren’t gloomy and scary, as you may think . They certainly won’t leave you with a sense of impending doom as they show in the movies.

Rather, a tarot reading NYC can be a huge step in helping you find answers to some difficult questions.  Additionally, your tarot card reading will help you in important decision making, and help you understand yourself in a way that you never experienced before. You can walk out of a tarot reading feeling like you have more clarity on your life than ever before.

  1. The Statue of Liberty

This is a classic and one that cannot be forgotten. There are two ways you can see the Statue of Liberty, and it depends on your budget or simply your preference. Firstly, there is the free option – check out the State from the outside by taking the Staten Island Ferry, it is free to ride, you don’t go to the island but you get a breathtaking view up close. Secondly, you can pay for a guided tour, there are various tour companies in the city where you can buy tickets, and see Lady Liberty from just inches away.


There are thousands of reasons why NYC is the dream city, and these are just fifteen of them. It is truly a wondrous place that will leave you open-mouthed or smiling every minute that you are there.

We hope these 15 interesting things to do in NYC will kick-start your trip and lead to an amazing stay!