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5 Tips to Boost Intuitive Energy

By Author: Sarah Hacker

We all have intuition, that little voice inside us that guides our decisions and determines our path in life. But if you’re having trouble “following your gut,” it could be because your Chakras, or energy centers, are blocked or not in balance. 

The good news is that there are simple things you can do to get them flowing properly. Use these 5 tips to boost your intuitive energy and harness the power of you.

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What is Intuitive energy?

Intuitive energy comes from the third eye chakra, which is located in the middle of the forehead. Chakras are an energetic system with seven main points in the body that are thought to influence how we function physically and mentally.

Also called the Ajna Chakra, meaning “to perceive” in Sanskrit, your third eye allows you to see a situation or problem clearly. Accessing your third eye helps you use your higher knowing and follow your gut instinct. It also allows you to rise above the unhelpful chatter that may be crowding your mind and zoom out to understand the bigger picture and find deeper meaning. 

When the intuitive energy of your third eye chakra is balanced and flowing freely, it’s easier to find your inner wisdom and make better decisions about what’s right for you.

5 Tips to Boost Intuitive Energy

 1. Meditate

You are probably already familiar with many of the benefits of meditation like improved concentration and increased feelings of relaxation. But there are actually exercises you can do that specifically focus on your third eye chakra and help boost your intuitive energy. 

If you’re not used to listening to it, your intuitive energy can be hard to hear. Getting quiet and turning off all the things that distract us is one of the best ways to tune in to your inner experience and get that energy flowing. 

Choose a time when you can be alone without interruption. Find a quiet spot. Silence all your devices and try this meditation exercise for your third eye:

-Take a comfortable seat, keeping your spine straight

-Tune in to your breathing, counting 10 inhales and 10 exhales

-Focus your internal gaze on the middle of your forehead, where the third eye is located 

-Keep that gaze and with each breath in and out, say the word “peace” to yourself 

You’ll feel the benefits of meditating even if you can only spare 5 minutes per day to do it. You’ll be more in touch with your intuitive energy and ready to listen when it’s telling you something.

2. Tune in to your inner energy with a body scan

Your body is sending you messages all the time. There are some you can’t miss like, “Ouch I stubbed my toe!” Your intuitive energy tends to be much quieter. Practice tuning in to it by paying attention to the more subtle feelings you may be having. Start with your toes and work your way to your head, noticing any sensations like tension, pain or warmth in each part as you move along.

You’ll probably realize there’s a lot going on in your body that you were unaware of. The more you do this exercise, like strengthening a muscle, the easier it will be to hear your intuitive energy when it’s calling you. 

3. Do something creative

We use the rational part of our brains all the time. Getting through the long checklist of things we need to do each day in our busy lives requires us to spend a lot of time thinking logically to get a certain outcome. Intuitive energy is not something you can calculate or quantify. It’s about believing something is true based on a feeling or sense, without hard evidence.

Engaging in a creative activity allows you to turn off reason and let your inner energy lead for a change. Journaling, drawing, scrapbooking, crafting or flower arranging are just a few places to start. Try not to judge your work but focus on how your intuition is guiding you through the process.

Still feel like your inner critic is sabotaging your efforts? Turn on some music and move. Let your body do whatever the music inspires. Guess what! That’s your intuitive energy flowing. 

4. Break out of your routine

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions? Why not take a different route home? Cook a meal you’ve never prepared before? Go for a walk in a place you’ve never been? When we are doing something unfamiliar, we’re more likely to notice the inner experience of it. Pay attention to what your intuitive energy is telling you while you’re doing something new.

5. Visit an energy healer

Professional spiritual advisors are easily in touch with their own inner energies and those of others. They can help unlock your third eye and give you personalized advice on how to boost your intuitive energy. Midtown Manhattan Psychic can provide a powerful chakra reading that will heal and cleanse your mind, body and spirit. 

Call Midtown Manhattan Psychic today to make an appointment for a chakra reading or choose from many other services.  We hope you enjoyed our 5 tips to boost intuitive energy and wish you all the best.