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A 10 Minute Glance into Spiritual Readings

A 10 Minute Glance into Spiritual Readings: Have you always wondered what EXACTLY is a spiritual reading and how implementing the different types into your life may positively impact your day-to-day life? 

So what is a spiritual reading?

A spiritual reading is an ancient tradition, spanning back thousands of years ago. It is a way in which we can connect ourselves closer to our spiritual side through prayer, meditation, reading scriptures, and devoting our mind to knowledge, wisdom and fortitude. Throughout history, Saints, Popes, theologians and spiritual leaders have paved the way for those who are ready to gain a better understanding in their faith. By forming a closer relationship to God, it can help people to create a better understanding of the chaotic world around us and teach us to live a life of holiness.

What are the different kinds of spiritual readings?

First and foremost, reading the Bible is undoubtedly the most common form of spiritual reading. The Psalms and Scriptures in the Old Testament offer great insight into creating a closer relationship with God as well as living a meaningful and honest life. 

Psalms are focused on teaching people to worship God as well as praise him and through the “stories” they tell, show people that even in times of trouble, God is there to carry our worry and burdens. As the well known phrase goes, “let go and let God”. By allowing God into our hearts and hearing his message, a closer relationship is being created, taking the burden off of individuals. 

Scriptures are holy writings that are more easily interpreted by people. They are stories and quotes to help people understand God’s message to his disciples. By reading the scriptures, people can gather a clearer understanding of God’s intentions for them and help to open their hearts and live a holier life.

Is Lectio Divina the same as a spiritual reading?

Lectio Divina which quite literally translates to spiritual reading is comprised of 4 parts:

  • Reading
  • Thinking
  • Living
  • Praying

Let’s dive a little deeper into the meaning of each. Reading is to actually take time out of your day to sit and read the Bible, distraction free. Immersing oneself in God’s word to fully comprehend what is being said.

Thinking is to process the words that you have read and understand the meaning of each word, scripture, psalm, etc. Anyone can read words but to carefully process their meaning goes beyond just spending 15 minutes to occupy the mind.

Living is taking what has been read and thought about and implementing the ideas into everyday life. Creating that closer understanding with God and opening up the doorway to the promised land, will allow for a more fulfilling life. 

Praying is to take time out of each day, preferably multiple times per day, and giving thanks to God, giving your worries to Him, and asking for forgiveness and guidance. Without praying, Lectio Divina would not be fulfilled. 

Is the Bible the only form of Spiritual Reading to gain knowledge from?

The Bible is not the only form of reading. People read books about the Rosary, Sacraments, Ideologies from doctors and fathers of the church, as well as attending Masses and reading adorations. Reading any type of content that offers a deeper level of reflection on spirituality, our own personal growth, adoration, gratitude and nourishes our soul is considered spiritual reading.

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A 10 Minute Glance Into Spiritual Readings Conclusion

A spiritual reading often has a different meaning per person. It can mean reading the Bible, reading scriptures, reading books by members of the church, praying the Rosary, or even attending a mass. Regardless of the actual spiritual reading method one chooses, it is a way to nourish oneself and build a closer relationship with your past, present and future self. Spiritual reading is a way to strengthen and reinforce the spiritual self while gaining precious insight, wisdom and inner peace.