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About Us

If you want to know more about Midtown Manhattan Psychic, you are not the only one.  Our business has been around for quite some time.  We have a great reputation in the community and among our customers and feel satisfied with the work we do.

Midtown Manhattan Psychic is located conveniently at 60 W 45th St, just east of Times Square.  As our business name suggests, we are located in the Midtown Manhattan portion of NYC‘s Manhattan borough.

Midtown Manhattan Psychic is a convenient walk, drive, or train ride from many different locations.  Additionally, our psychic facility is accessible from many different public transit routes and about a 7 minute walk from port authority.

Midtown Manhattan Psychic additionally provides a range of services to help with whatever you may be going through in your life.  Whether you’re dealing with a loss or wanting to understanding more about relationship compatibility, Midtown Manhattan Psychic is here to guide you in any way we can.

Find out more about some of our services below.

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Some Of Our Services

Midtown Manhattan Psychic is a NYC clairvoyant and  spiritual medium.  Our business is centrally located and convenient for our customers to find.  For more information on location and directions or to book an appointment with us, contact us today!

Our business has a fascination and talent in understanding the other-worldly parts of life.  Our multitude of services reflect our keen interest in growing and learning from the spiritual world continuously. 

Psychic Readings NYC

For accurate and detailed NYC Psychic Readings, visit us today!

Tarot Reading NYC

Our NYC Tarot Reading services are top notch.  Visit us today!

Spiritual Healing NYC

Our Spiritual Healing NYC services will bring awareness and clarity.

Astrology Services

Psychic Lisa offers a range of astrology services as well.

Our Location

Visit Midtown Manhattan Psychic at our convenient NYC location on W 45th St.

You can contact Midtown Manhattan Psychic by calling us anytime at (646) 823-0833.  We’re a little old fashioned, but we really appreciate phone calls and rarely check our email.


Additionally, you can visit our location if you are interested in a getting a psychic reading.  Just check our hours of operation beforehand so you don’t make a trip when we’re not open.  We wouldn’t want for you to be inconvenienced in that way.


Midtown Manhattan Psychic is located at 60 W 45th St #2F in New York.  We are down the street from Wells Fargo Bank and right next to Pret A Manger and De Janeiro.

Midtown Manhattan Psychic