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Intro: Are Palm Readings Real?


Are you wondering are palm readings accurate?  Don’t worry.  There are many different people who enjoy psychic readings and ask this question too.

And you know what?  This is a very natural question to ask.  Especially when you are placing your trust in a psychic for a palm reading.  You can find out more about the authenticity of palmistry in this post: a guide to palm readings.

In this post, we will reveal the shocking truth about palm readings, their accuracy, and the science of palmistry.  So read on to learn the answer to your serious inquiry!


History Of Palmistry

Palmistry and the art of palm reading has been around for quite some time.  Now, if you want to know exactly what palm reading is, in simple terms it is the foretelling of the future by the study of the lines and shape of the palm.

Palmistry goes back to ancient times.  It has been practiced in B.C. eras and by many different cultures including India, China, Tibet, Persia and many more.

Each culture has a different story to tell when it comes to reading the lines of a person’s hands.  Additionally, different cultures practiced this art in different ways and the popularity of palm readings varied from culture to culture all over the world. However, despite these differences the similarities remain the same.  Palmistry represented a brand of foretelling the future by simply reading the shape of the hands and lines running through a person’s palm.


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Is Palmistry Accurate?

So the question remains, is palmistry an accurate and real way to foretell someone’s future.  Well some people think it is while others do not.  So part of the answer relies on who you ask palm reading as an accurate way to know someone’s fate.

There are several factors to consider when determining the truthfullness of a palm reading.  Here are a few:

Skill Level Of Your Psychic

Part of the answer to this question is whether or not the person reading your palm is skilled in palmistry.  If you have someone who is well trained, chances are your reading will be very accurate. So one of the most important things to do in determining accuracy is to hire an excellent psychic for the job.  Manhattan psychic is just one psychic who has an incredible gift in the art of reading the lines of one’s hands.

Age Of Person Getting A Palm Reading

As we age, the lines of our palms and our hands change.  Certain lines may blur and others may become more emphasized.  It’s important for an accurate palm reading, to have some of the natural lines that you’ve had in your hand for most of your life.  Having a palm reading in your 20’s to your late 50’s is the best way to get an accurate palm reading that you can truly rely on.

Although age is an indicator of accuracy, people of all ages CAN in fact get palm readings and there WILL be some truth in them.  Some of the main lines, such as your fate line and love line should remain relatively easy to read.


Accidents That May Affect Your Hands

This may sound silly, however if you’ve had any accidents that may affect the lines that are present in your hands, you should not have a palm readings.  Such accidents may include burns, abrasions and cuts of any kind.

We’re not saying your hands should be free of any type of scarring because most hands do show a bit of wear here and there.  However, if there is significant scarring you should try another type of reading other than palmistry.  There are many different types of psychic readings for you to choose from, too!  In addition, there are many reasons to see a psychic as well.



We hope this blog post has accurately answered all of your questions.  If you are considering having a palm reading by a skilled palmist, we admire you and just hope you will follow the suggestions outlined above.

To reiterate what we have said, it is crucial you find a skilled palmist and psychic to perform your palm reading.  Additionally, you may ask about her background to ensure you will be having an accurate reading.  Beyond just the skill level of your palmist, you should also consider age as well as the condition of your hands and whether you’ve had any accidents that could effect your reading.

If you follow the above steps we know you will be satified with your reading and you will have the answer to are palm readings accurate or not!