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Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know About Palm Readings


The lines on your palm are like a road map of your life. They contain the hills and valleys that constitute your experience.

Although most people think palmistry is a sham practice, it’s not entirely intuitive. Palm readings are actually based entirely on empirical evidence gathered throughout history.

Palm readings are valued as a type of psychic reading that is vital to learning about yourself and your path.  Read on to find out more.

History of Palmistry


Palm reading was practiced as early as 3000 BC in ancient China by both the public and political spheres. It was featured in the Vedic texts of ancient India. Much of ancient Europe regarded palmistry highly, including Aristotle and Hippocrates. The Romans relied on palmistry to make important government decisions.

In the Middle Ages palmistry became linked with the meaning of the planets, thanks to scholars Johann von Hagen and Paracelsus. Their work helped to revive and expand upon the system of palmistry. But when the twentieth century hit, palm reading became a fad as new sciences began to spring forth, pushing much of the ancient arts into the background as “pseudoscience.”

The western world generally meets divination with doubt, while the east maintains a daily devout practice. Not all modern scientists are against palm reading, however. Some actually approve and have sought to validate it through studies of palm lines and human behavior and psychology. Now palmistry can even help diagnose diseases.


Get Your Palm Read! (At Least Once)


The information contained in your hand is so potent that it’s highly recommended you get your palm read at least once in your life.  I’m sure you wanna know whether or not palm readings are accurate.  Well guess what?  They are!!!  (And you may find out life-altering information during a palm reading!)


Life Path


We tend to judge people and things based on appearance, but what about the lines of our palm? Why do they form in such patterns and why do they differ so vastly from person to person?

Clearly there must be something unique about each individual’s lines, something from which we can extract veritable information about ourselves and the course of our lives. In fact, the lines on our hand give away valuable details about our past and also describe a bit about where we are headed.

What’s fascinating is that the lines on our hands may appear or disappear according to life’s circumstances and our decisions. Therefore, our fates are constantly changing at any given time.

A reading today may be entirely different from a reading a few years or even a few months down the line. It’s like checking in with your road map to see if you are on the right path.


A reading today may be entirely different from a reading a few years or even a few months down the line. It’s like checking in with your road map to see if you are on the right path.

Reveal Deeply Rooted Beliefs


We cannot consider the lines in our hands without understanding that they are the result of brain activity. Our palm is like a snapshot of the brain’s synapses firing off into the nerves fibers ending in our hands. Thus it would make sense that if the brain has any deeply rooted beliefs or if you think about the same things frequently, that would show through the palm lines.


Knowing Your Personal Power


Having your palm read is like looking at a mirror for the first time in years. You gain a plethora of knowledge about yourself that you can immediately use to your advantage moving forward. Your palm describes your emotional tendencies, skills and talents, ambition, love life, sense of creativity and imagination, of bravery and courage, of seriousness and duty, of business, and more. Palmistry is designed to raise awareness of your power to maximize your potential.


Finding An Expert Palmist

Palmistry is no longer seen as a deterministic craft. Therefore, you generally want to avoid “palm readers” who claim to foretell your future because they are attempting to mold it for you.

Although you can get a sense of where things are headed, ultimately it is up to you to decide your own fate. Readers who speak in absolutes often intimidate their clients into seeking them for advice more often, which gives the reader a superior position in the relationship.


Instead, visit a humble palmist located in a hole in the wall who describes what your lines suggest about your temperament rather than using fear-based chicanery. These palmists will bring up things you already know subconsciously and invite a conversation about them. Of course, even good readers vary, so go with whom you feel most comfortable.

Palmistry has survived for thousands of years and through several changes. We can now use it to deeply discover our inner selves, building on the knowledge our ancestors accumulated. Who knew the lines of our hands could contain so much knowledge for health, personal growth and enlightenment?

We hope this lesson in palmistry has been informative.  If you want to see an expert NYC palmist, visit Midtown Manhattan Psychic today!