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For Spiritual Healing NYC

For true spiritual healing NYC, Midtown Manhattan Psychic has so much to offer.  Manhattan psychic is a top NYC spiritual healer, advisor, and psychic medium.  Our space in Manhattan is home to a variety of services that offer healing, clarity, and growth.

More About What We Offer

Healthier Mind, Body & Spirit

Begin the process of developing a healthier and happier mind, body, and spirit with Midtown Manhattan Psychic.  Many of our regular clients seek out Psychic Lisa because the are hoping to understand the past and heal in the future.  Many of our services aide in this healing process that your soul and spirit will experience.

Your Spiritual Adviser

Psychic Healing Begins With 3 Beliefs

1. Contact With Spirits Is Possible

2. Spirits Are More Advanced Than We Are

3. Spirits Are Knowledegable

More On Spiritualists

Spiritualists Have Their Own Principles And Shared Beliefs Too

Spiritualists believe the following:

  • Spirit communication exists
  • The soul continues to evolve after death
  • They have a belief in “infinite intelligence”
  • Our current world is an expression of infinite intelligence

Spiritualist believe in and pursue communication with the dead.  They consider mediums to be people who communicate with spirits through different practices.

Spiritualists also believe the afterlife is a place for beings to continue to evolve.

Change Your Life

Why You Need A Psychic

Using a psychic can have many positive effects in a person’s life.  Reflecting on your past, present and future can lead to spiritual growth and healing that will change your outlook in everything you do.  

There are many different services a psychic may provide.  Although each service is markedly different, the goal is always the same.  Increased awareness, understanding and happiness is the goal of all of our psychic and spiritual services here at Midtown Manhattan Psychic.  We know you’ll experience a change.

Increased Awareness

Those who visit psychics and spiritual advisors are said to notice an increased awareness in their life.

Mental Clarity

Visiting a psychic can improve mental clarity and focus.  Psychic Lisa can help you sort things out in your life.

Positive Attitude

Those who have regular visits with a psychic experience a more positive mental attitude and feeling of wellbeing.

Acceptance and Peace

Booking ongoing psychic readings can lead to acceptance and peace within your life regarding all circumstances..

What Our Customers Say


My visit with Midtown Manhattan Psychic was awesome! While on a girls trip in New York, we decided to visit a psychic, and chose Midtown Manhattan Psychic. I’ve never been to a psychic before, but the whole experience was truly amazing!… read more

Paige M.

July 2019

My friends and I decided to stop into Midtown Manhattan Psychic while on vacation and it was a super fun and unique experience! It was super spooky how accurate our readings were.The environment and staff were super chill and everyone had good vibes… read more
Amanda Marie

June 2019

I have to say that this is my first time going to a psychic. I watched psychic shows on TV and I thought it would be something I’d like to do. I was honestly a bit skeptical, but New York City gave me that opportunity to try out a psychic in person.  I can say that… read more

Adam B.

June 2019

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