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Midtown Manhattan Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Readings NYC

For quality spiritual readings NYC, choose world renowned Midtown Manhattan Psychic.  We have many different services for you that will assist in tapping into your spiritual and sacred self.  We are known to be one of the greatest healers of body, mind, and spirit in Manhattan!  Choose from our many types of psychic readings and call today!

“Midtown Manhattan Psychic is by far the best for spiriutal readings near me in NYC.  I’m so happy I found her and will continue to see her monthly for spiritually healing readings!”  Wendy B., New York, NY

Spiritual Readings With Lisa

Our Mystical NYC Space

Our spiritual readings NYC can be held both in our mystical and spiritual space or from the comfort of your own home (while on the phone).  We’ve begun to offer some of our psychic and spiritual services through phone readings.  You can learn more about that by simply giving us a call!

New York City’s Midtown Manhattan Psychic is conveniently located in the center of NYC‘s Midtown Manhattan area. Our spiritual and healing services offer a unique benefit to those who use them.  Our psychic is incredibly gifted and talented with an uncanny intuitive nature.

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Offering A Range Of Services

Quality Readings And Spiritual Guidance From Midtown Manhattan Psychic

Precise Spiritual Readings

Are you looking for an accurate spiritual reading in New York City?  Are you considering a phone psychic reading to connect you in a deeper way to your mind, body and spirit?  NYC’s Midtown Manhattan Psychic is the spiritual medium to call!

If you are in need of resolution, peace and acceptance in your life, you should definitley give us a call.  Additionally, if you would like an accurate phone reading or maybe a psychic for love you can call us as well.  Whatever the case, you are in the right place!

Midtown Manhattan Psychic offers detailed spirtually focused psychic readings in NYC.  We look forward to hearing from you and offering the best in spiritual healing services.


Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

Many of our customers have been visiting us at our space in Midtown Manhattan for many years.  When they visit NYC, they come stop by 60 West 45th street to pay a visit to our spiritual medium for a reading.  They know well of Lisa’s psychic abilities, and stop in often to say hi or have an appointment. 

Whether you are a new customer or an old customer, we treat all clients the same.  And we make sure our customers are happy!

In addition to all of these benefits, we also offer phone readings.  Give us a call and find out more about what’s in store in your future!

Manhattan’s Spirutal Healer

Types Of Readings And Psychic Practices

If you’re looking for spiritually focused readings in NYC, you can’t beat our service!  If you’ve been thinking about delving into the world of the spirit and the supernatural, you should know that you have a ton of options. 

Our readings are deep, meaningful and honest, no matter which one you choose!  Psychic Lisa always seems to have a special connection with her clients.  We look forward to meeting you at Midtown Manhattan Psychic!

Midtown Manhattan Psychic also offers phone readingsCall now for more info on spiritual readings NYC!

Palm Reading NYC

Palmistry is a reading that analyzes your palm to forecast the future.  Read more here.

Tarot Reading NYC

Tarot cards are used to forecast the past present and future.  Read more here.

Aura Reading NYC

Interpreting a person’s aura can be done in many ways.  Learn more about auras here.

Astrology NYC

Astrology is an important tool that uses celestial objects to forecast the future.

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