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Accurate Insights To Your Life

Tarot Reading NYC

Midtown Manhattan Psychic offers detailed and accurate readings to those wanting a peek into their past, present and future.  Read more about the types of tarot readings first.

Full Life Readings

Psychic Lisa will delve into your heart and soul with informative full life tarot readings.

Past Life Readings

Take a peek at your past with openness and honesty.


Discover The Truth

Your reading will bring clarity and guidance to your life

For accurate tarot reading NYC, Midtown Manhattan Psychic is the best choice!

We perform readings frequently for many of our tarot-obsessed clientele.  And we love doing it!

The ability to correctly read tarot cards is a skill set which takes experience, psychic aptitude, and training.  Lisa, our skilled psychic medium, is an expert tarot card reader and we can’t wait to do a reading for you!


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More About Interpreting Tarot Cards

A Tarot Card Reader is a type of spiritual reading a psychic frequently performs.  Tarot cards are most commonly used as a way to measure potential outcomes in a person’s life.  Tarot cards can also be used to evaluate influences in a person’s life, involving a past event, or both. 


Tarot card readers generally believe the future is fluid and that absolute predictions are impossible. Instead, they focus on possible outcomes.  They also assess influences related to the issue at hand, influences the subject might not be aware of before the reading.

Increased Awareness

Those who visit psychics experience increased awareness about their life.

Mental Clarity

People who visit a psychic frequently have improved mental clarity and focus.

Positive Attitude

Those who have regular tarot readings experience a more positive mental atitude.

Acceptance and Peace

Booking regular tarot readings can lead to acceptance and peace with your life.

What Our Customers Say


My visit with Midtown Manhattan Psychic was awesome! While on a girls trip in New York, we decided to visit a psychic, and chose Midtown Manhattan Psychic. I’ve never been to a psychic before, but the whole experience was truly amazing!… read more

Paige M.

July 2019

My friends and I decided to stop into Midtown Manhattan Psychic while on vacation and it was a super fun and unique experience! It was super spooky how accurate our readings were.The environment and staff were super chill and everyone had good vibes… read more
Amanda Marie

June 2019

I have to say that this is my first time going to a psychic. I watched psychic shows on TV and I thought it would be something I’d like to do. I was honestly a bit skeptical, but New York City gave me that opportunity to try out a psychic in person.  I can say that… read more

Adam B.

June 2019

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