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5 Awesome Things To Do In NYC During COVID

If you want to know about things to do in NYC during COVID, this post will tell you just that!  NYC is a popular and bustling place that attracts visitors from near and far.  Typically, NYC has people from all over the world traveling to visit its many tourist attractions and places of interest.  NYC’s Manhattan in particular is the heartbeat of the world and everybody loves the city’s vibrant nature.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all of New York City and has caused people to feel hesitant to come and visit.  For one, many people from outside of the cities Burroughs and neighboring states would rather not get onto an airplane with coronavirus thriving.  However, what about those in neighboring districts and states?  Should everyone be hesitant to visit?


The good news is that there is no reason to not come into the city, so long as you practice CDC recommendations during your visit.  With spring just around the corner, there are numerous outdoor attractions and things to do where you can maintain your health and enjoy the great outdoors.


In this post we will explore 5 things to do in NYC right now and reasons to come and visit the Big Apple.


things to do in New York City right now

things to do in New York City right now

5 Fun Things To Do In New York City Right Now!


With such an array of fun things to do, we have put together a list for you and your family (and friends) to enjoy.  Go ahead!  Take that day trip and visit NYC.  We’re certainly still in business and can’t wait to see you!


Please be aware and keep in mind that you should check NYC COVID regulations regularly.  You can get some information on this page here to stay up-to-date.  But here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  • Use sanitizer and only touch things you want to buy when shopping
  • Be sure to stay inside if you’re not feeling well
  • Get tested if you begin to show symptoms
  • Maintain social distancing and always wear a mask in public


Now we’ll begin our list of things to do in NYC right now!


Eat Good Food


Currently outdoor dining is in operation in NYC.  Be sure to partake in the city’s wonderful food culture and support local businesses too by ordering food and eating in the outdoor designated dining areas to keep safe through social distancing.


If the weather is nice, why not eat at a local park.  You can certainly bring your food to central park or somewhere else.  Especially as the weather gets nicer.



Go To Bryant Park For Free Skating


Visit Bryant Park’s winter village and enjoy free ice skating.  Bryant park has many other winter activities too, so why not bring the family and enjoy.  For more information on Bryant Park, winter village and the vendors at the park, visit this link here.  Be sure to reserve your space for skating in advance, be safe and enjoy!


Get Spiritual

No matter what you choose to do in NYC, whether it be to attend virtual worship, meditate at Central Park, or see a famous NYC psychic, you will feel spiritually fulfilled in your visit to NYC.  NYC is a great melting pot of all religious and ethnic backgrounds.  Whatever you choose to do, you will feel at peace and happy in your visit to NYC.


psychic near me in New York City

See a psychic for a genuine psychic reading or a phone reading or just go to a service of your choice.  Your options are limitless when you visit NYC.



Visit The Greens


The Greens (which is located at the Rooftop at Pier 17) is a socially-distant yet social outdoor dining concept.   It offers festive cocktails, a spacious and well-heated outdoor floor plan and so much more.

In addition, there is contactless restaurant amenities and a spacious environment with banquet seating.  A lovely virtual fireplace and log cabin décor make The Greens the perfect place to close out your winter.


Drink At Torch And Crown Brewery


Visit Torch And Crown Brewery and visit NYC’s only restaurant and beer production company in Manhattan.  Torch and Crown offers great food and a fun atmosphere with safe, outdoor dining.

Learn more about the current hours at Torch and Crown here.  Feel free to call with any questions or to better plan a visit.


The city that never sleeps is still in business.  So don’t be afraid to visit at your convenience. There are plenty of things to do in NYC with COVID and without.  Just practice safety precautions and follow all CDC guidelines for a safe and happy visit.

We hope you learned everything you wanted to know about things to do in NYC during COVID and wish you all the best.