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Types Of Psychic Readings And What They Can Do For You

When we talk about psychic readings, we’re speaking in very general terms.  Most people have a certain image in their mind when picturing a psychic reading.  They might envision a spiritual medium sitting in a dimly lit space with a crystal ball telling someone’s fortune.  However, psychic readings refer to any number of things.


What Is A Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is an attempt at understanding information through the use of perception.  These perceptions expressed by a spiritual medium are evoked from heightened senses and intuition.

There is a huge popularity and following of this practice.  Many times a psychic reading is done over the phone, through email, at home, in a space, or at an event.  Many psychics specialize in particular types of psychic readings, and further along we will discuss some of the main ones.

Why Do People Go To Spiritual Advisors

There are many reasons a person may see a psychic.  In fact, we have come up with 21 surprising reasons to see a psychic now.  For some, it might be a search for answers or the truth.  For others it might be for validation of something that is already known.  But, whatever the reasons to go see a spiritual healer of sorts, there is a level of trust in knowing and believing that the service can help.

Many experience health benefits from seeing a psychic regularly.  From experiencing a higher level of confidence to just feeling that someone is there to help you work through the past, a psychic reading can move you closer to your health and wellness goals.  Some psychic readings NYC provides will truly take your breath away.  So we encourage if it’s in your mind, to give it a try.

Types Of Readings

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are used by many different psychic mediums.  And in addition to this practice being popular, their are additionally many types of tarot readings and spreads.  For a gifted tarot reader and tarot reading NYC, you should visit Manhattan Psychic Lisa.

Different types of tarot spreads are used for different purposes.  For example, the Love Spread is used to evaluate love, romance and relationships.  The Success Spread can be used when a person is facing an obstacle in his or her life.  In addition to these two, there are many more tarot spreads your psychic will want to discuss with you.

Palm Reading

Palm readings are another popular type of psychic reading.  The medium who is doing your palm reading will look at the lines of your palm and make predictions based on the shapes he or she sees.

Palm readings do not require that the psychic have heightened or supernatural perceptions.  It just requires the psychic be perceptive enough and educated in palmistry to understand how to read a person’s palm correctly.


Astrology is another popular type of psychic reading.  In this particular forecasting, your medium will look at relationship such as your birth date and time, and forecast your future.  Often times, a psychic will use an astrology chart to make predictions based on positions of celestial objects and their relationship to their subject.  This horoscope by date of birth analysis can help a medium make very accurate predictions.

There’s a huge craze and interest in astrology.  Many people look at their horoscopes superstitiously in fact.  Although there is no evidence to support some of the findings, the fact is this.  Astrology is a powerful means of psychic predicting that can help a person understand why they may be encountering specific obstacles.

Aura Readings

Aura readings are interpretations of a person’s energy field.  Aura readings have been around for a long time.  However they have been used with increasing popularity.

Crystal Gazing

Crystal gazing is a psychic ability some spiritual mediums possess.  With this practice, a psychic will gaze into a crystal ball or quartz and be delivered into a trance like state where they can see visions and give readings.


Numerology is a type of psychic reading which studies numbers and their relationships to people and situations.  Numerology can be studied by investigating a person’s birth date, for example.


Why Should You Consider Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can offer many benefits.  By going to a psychic from an already educated point of view, you can know what to expert when you get your psychic reading.

From offering closure and clarity, to helping validate a person’s life experiences, psychic readings are an excellent way to prepare yourself and handle the past, present and future.  The important thing is choosing the right psychic and doing your research beforehand.  But the benefits will reveal themselves as you unravel past events and form a relationship with your chosen medium.