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What Can A Tarot Card Reading Tell You?

If you want to learn more about what a tarot card reading can tell you, this is the article for you! With 78 cards in a tarot deck, each card and its orientation carries a specific meaning. Serving as a guide or entry point into divination, tarot cards tap into your hidden thoughts, truths, and emotions about your life. Tarot card readings analyze the interplay between these cards, providing a detailed story about your life. Based on the question you asked, tarot card readings provide an answer when interpreted correctly.

How Does Tarot Work?

Unlike magic, tarot works with your spirit, belief, and the Universe. It is a kind of divination and cartomancy practice used to gain insight into the past, present and/or future.  When you spread out the cards in the deck, you lay out all the aspects of life and the combinations of them can tell thousands of different stories about your life. A deck consists of 78 cards split into two sections known as the Arcanas: Major and Minor. The Major Arcana contains 22 cards, while the Minor Arcana contains 56. 

The Minor Arcana has four suits. Each suit associates with a different element and aspect of self. The Cups are associated with water and emotions. The Swords are linked to air and the mind. The Wands are connected to fire and energy. The Pentacles are about the earth and the physical self. It deals with the daily issues and trials in life. Each of these suits are numbered 1 – 10 and have four court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King). Examples of them are Queen of Wands or Ten of Pentacles. 

In contrast, the Major Arcana centers on the seismic changes in life, like beginnings and endings, discoveries and growth, and losses and wins. It deals with karma and lessons you’ll need to reflect on to grow. Examples of this Arcana are Death or The Lovers. 

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How Does Reading Work?

Tarot card readings can be performed for other people or for yourself. Both follow a similar format and both require a reader that understands the meanings of tarot cards. 

First, the reader shuffles and spreads out the cards face down. 

Next, the person asking a question selects an amount of cards. Then the chosen cards are laid out in a specific pattern (also known as a spread). Each position of the spread signifies something different and the card’s meaning is read through that position. 

For instance, in a simple three card spread from left to right is the past, present, and future. However, a simple five card spread contains (from left to right) preconceived ideas, the present, the unexpected, the near future, and the distant future. Lastly, the reader takes the lead in card interpretation, building the narrative based on the symbols on the cards and the reactions from the asker. 

Benefits of A Reading

You can truly benefit from tarot card readings when you keep an open mind and heart. Tarot readings are intimate and personal, where the questions are always about the asker rather than the reader. A reading gives insight, sparks conversation about troubles, and inspires new ideas. It’s an open practice that reveals new perspectives about your life. 

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CONCLUSION: What Can A Tarot Card Reading Tell You?

In conclusion, tarot card readings are interpretations of the symbols and narratives of the cards, the spread used, and the question posed. A reading connects to your experiences, truths, thoughts, and emotions to answer this question by crafting a narrative based on selected cards. With a skilled interpreter and open mind, you gain potential solutions or viewpoints from the cards and their symbols. Through reading, you can gain potential answers to all aspects of life.

Now, after learning more about tarot, you know the answer to your original question, ‘what can a tarot card reading tell you?’