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What Exactly Is An Aura Reading?

Are you wondering what is an aura reading?  Great!  There are many people who often ask this question.

In the following blog post I will try my best to explain exactly what an aura reading is and why getting one can change your life!  So read on!

What Are Auras?

An aura, in the simplest of terms, is an energy field that surrounds a person’s body.  According to many spiritual and new age beliefs, an aura is an emission of energy surrounding the body of a human, animal, or object.   Auras can take on different colors which also indicates things about their presence and the object or being they surround.

As you know, everything is composed of energy.  So for this reason, whether or not auras exist isn’t even a question.  If you are here alive and on this planet, your body is emitting energy which translates into having an aura.

You’ve Probably Seen An Aura At One Point Or Another

While being able to see auras eminating from individuals and objects is extremely rare, you’ve probably seen an aura at one point or another.  Yea I know.  This is a little confusing.

If you think of some of the paintings or photos you have seen in the past, it’s quite possible you’ve seen an aura but didn’t know what it was.  This field of light and energy that can surround the body of a person or object has been depicted in famous art work and images for centuries.


religious image with aura

religious depiction showing auras surrounding figures heads


Although aura readings have remained somewhat controversial, the human body releases energy and it’s not controversial to know that this energy field is an aura.  Whether a person can read it or not is left to be deciphered by the individual.  However, auras exist and like all energy surrounds us in our daily lives.


What Is An Aura Reading?

An aura reading is a practice that has been done by psychics and alternative medical practicioners for many years.  Reading a person’s aura is often revealing of many different things.  By viewing the aura or energy field, a trained psychic with this incredible gift can often see glimpses into a person’s past, present and future.

The energy that surrounds a person’s body can perfectly communicate many things about their life.  Some of these things include:

  • physical health
  • disease
  • emotioal issues
  • past

By reading a person’s energy field it is possible to detect issues with their physical health.  For example, are they lethargic or having issues with clogged arteries, blood pressure, cellular growth, traumatic injury such as sprains and broken bones or anything else?  By viewing the aura of a person, a psychic can absolutely get a glimpse into the physical health of an individual.

In addition, if such a psychic problem had occured to the body in the past, a psychic can also see this in an aura reading.  So even if the body is healed, the aura will have a break in it, which will indicate exactly what had happened.

For this reason, it’s also possible to detect illness and disease by reading a person’s aura.  That is why an aura reading can be so incredibly powerful.  Any ailments you might not be aware of that are brewing internally can be detected through an aura reading by a trained psychic.

Emotional and mental health issues can be reflected in an aura reading as well.  If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression or any other symptoms a psychic will be able to see this in a reading of your energy fields.


Colors Are Important

The colors of a person’s aura are very important when doing an aura reading.  As you may have known, we are all born with an energy field.  Within that energy field is the existence of cells which create vibrational frequencies.

Each one of us has a different energy field and it is depicted in the vibrational energy of frequencies of our auras.  Additionally, each of us has a different colored aura which can tell an aura reader about the different things happening within our body and mind.

Now of course, the colors of our auras can change due to illness, stress and other things.  Different colors represent different things.  Below we will discuss some of the main colors you should pay close attention to.


A red aura indicates many different things.  Among the positives are strength, a healthy ego and confidence.  Among some of the more negative traits of a red aura are anger, anxiety, nervousness, and a tendency to be unforgiving.

Variations Of The Color Red

Different variations of the color red can mean different things.  A red aura with a muddy, pinkish tone can symbolize dishonesty and immaturity.  A clear read color can indicate passion and sensuality.  And an orange red can indicate someone who is high in confidence.


An orange aura or electromagnetic field is a depiction of high energy levels and vitality.  Additionally, an orange energy field tells the reader that you are in good health, symbolizes reproductivity, and emotional feelings.  The color orange can also indicate addictive habits and stress.


A yellow aura is significant in that it shows your vitality and strong sense of freedom.  Yellow also indicates optimism, intelligence and is a color that represents the spleen.


A purple aura is emblematic of wisdom and creativity.


Blue auras show a person’s sensitivity and kindness.  A turquoise blue can represent the immune system just as a true blue indicates the throat and thyroid.  

Variations Of  The Color Blue

Variations of the color blue can mean different things.  Light blue can represent peacefulness and clarity.  Royal blue represents generousity and spirituality.


Green auras indicate a love of nature.  Additionally, they indicate growth and represents the heart and lungs.


Neutral toned auras indicate a grounded and stable individual.  They can also tell the reader that you like working with your hands.


Find The Right Psychic For An Aura Reading

Finding the right psychic for an aura reading is crucial.  This is the most important part to explain when talking about what is an aura reading.  Not all psychics can see a person’s electro magnetic field.  So it’s important you ask the psychic lots of questions prior to booking a psychic reading of your auras.

Midtown Manhattan Psychic is an excellent choice for aura readings NYC.  She also does chakra readings which we will talk more about in another post.

We hope we answered your question about what is an aura reading and wish you all the best!