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What is a Chakra Reading and how to prepare for it

As the internet expands, more and more people are wondering what is Chakra reading and how can you prepare for it? The idea of Chakra readings and chakra therapy sessions seems= baffling at first, especially when you hear exactly what it is and the results of having a session. But more and more are claiming it works and it is worth the experience, especially for those who are looking for more positive changes to your health as a whole.

PRO TIP: You can go to a specialist in chakra reading and aura reading services. In addition, many psychics offer psychic readings that go hand in hand with chakra balancing sessions.

The Meaning Behind Chakra

The translation for Chakra is “Wheel” in Sanskrit and it is towards the energy points in each person’s body, such as certain organs, that also affect yourself psychologically and spiritually. There are seven major Chakra points in our body, although many experts behind the subject say there is about 114 overall! 

The more open they are, the more energy spreads in each point to make our bodies feel healthy. And just like anything that flows that slowly gets blocked like a drain, we feel less energy and positivity in ourselves!

In other words, less energy means more problems to your body. From emotional, such as feelings and mental mood, to physical, like sickness and exhaustion. 

The Seven Points

  • Root Chakra; At the sacrum on the spine
  • Sacral Chakra; Below the navel
  • Solar Plexus Chakra; Between the navel and ribcage
  • Heart Chakra; Middle of the chest and on top of the heart
  • Throat Chakra; In the neck
  • Third Eye Chakra; Between the eyes
  • Crown Chakra; At the top portion of the head

Chakra Reading and Therapy

But how do experts help you open each Chakra? That’s when the therapy comes in. They will sit down and walk through the procedure and answer any questions and concerns you have for the session. They will explain everything, from the reasoning why it is better for the Chakra points to be open for the energy flow and what they will do with every step towards successful results.

Before coming to your chakra reading appointment, they always recommend wearing comfortable clothing and to have a good night’s sleep. Once the reading starts, the professional will help you relax. The more relaxed, the easier the practitioner will help understand your body’s condition. And answer any questions they ask you when it comes to your current condition. Do you have any symptoms of stress that have been going through your life? Has something seriously impacted your life recently? Remember, the more they know about your mental and physical, the more they can help! 

Once you are relaxing on the chair or bed they provide, the instructor will use their hands to scan around your body slowly to check the harmony of all the Chakras. It will help them connect to your body and look for any blocked Chakras and imbalances to help your energy flow more freely. Whenever they feel something off, they will use Healing Touch techniques, which include physically touching and doing light exercise motions with your body. 

It’s a long procedure, ranging from about 30 minutes and sometimes even up to an hour! Some have even commented they felt freer as they were in a full relaxed phase, not even noticing the time passing by. When it’s all done, your healer will do one last check with your energy to confirm everything is well. At the end of the session, they will explain what they did and make self-care suggestions to avoid your Chakras from being blocked again in the future. And if needed, a follow-up therapy in the future.

End Results of the Chakra Therapy

With your Chakras flowing freely and energy improving over your body, it makes a great positive impact on your body. There are some claiming it has done nothing for them but the majority of people claim strongly it is very worth the experience. From feeling little to no more stress and more confident about themselves in their body, it is worth visiting and learning more about it from experts. Especially if you’re curious and don’t fully understand how it works.

And with how technology is advancing, phone calls for sessions are now even possible and are known to work as well. But compared to seeing an actual healer in person and having everything done physically compared to a phone call about the reading, you will get better results.

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And that’s basically it for Chakra therapy. It’s an interesting way to know more about your own body. Along with that, you will also learn about what is Chakra reading exactly and how to prepare for it in your own way at home by experts to have a long fulfilling life.