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What Is The Best Tarot Spread For Love

You think you might be in love, or you are trying to find love, but you want to know what is the best tarot spread for love. Tarot spreads can be a great way to learn about different things in your future, and many people enjoy using tarot spreads to learn things about their future love lives or even their current love lives if they feel like things are going poorly. There are many different types of psychic readings you can choose from as well, but we love using tarot cards for love!

PRO TIP: Read all about the different types of tarot spreads here before you start!

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If you are ready to learn about what the best tarot spread for love is, and some others that are also great for learning about your love life, then grab your computer and tarot deck, and let’s get started! 

The Three Card Relationship Spread

The first tarot card spread here when it comes to love is the three-card relationship spread, an excellent basic tarot spread that can still tell you a fair bit about your love life. This spread will only take about 5 minutes of your day, so you can do it right as the day is beginning or whenever you get a chance without worrying about it interrupting a large portion of your day, which many people can worry about. You can also hire an excellent love psychic for your reading, but we’ll get to that a little later.

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The first thing you must do when performing this spread is to shuffle your cards, and then once this is done, you will focus on your questions before drawing your first card. Once you have done this, you will lay down the left card first, then the right card, which leaves space for the middle, and the final card, which connects the left and right card. 


Card number one, which is the left-hand card, represents you in the relationship. The main questions this card will represent are what do you want out of the current relationship you are asking the cards about, and how do you perceive yourself as a person, and in the end, how does that affect this relationship as a whole. 


The second card, which is the right-hand card, represents the person you are in a relationship with, and you are asking about. The main questions represented by this card are what is the role of your partner in your relationship with them, how do you perceive your partner as a person, and in the end, how does that affect the relationship between the two of you. 

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The final and third card set to rest in the middle of the first two cards represents the dynamics between you and your partner in your relationship. The main questions here for this card are how you would describe the relationship between you and your partner and the main characteristics that can be found at the bottom of it. 


Once you have laid all three cards and learned what they are, you will need to take a few minutes, or however long it takes you, to go over the cards and decipher what they could be trying to tell you about your relationship. Do not try to force an answer out of the cards, and if needed, take the day to think about them as you go about your day. Sooner or later, the cards will reveal what they mean to you. 

PRO TIP: hire a professional spiritual advisor to walk you through your tarot card reading. We think it will be super helpful and you’ll get the best results!

The Five Card Relationship Spread That Can Also Be Done Alongside This Spread

If you feel like the three-card relationship spread does not give you enough information about your relationship, and you would like something more to work with. A more intense version of the three-card relationship spread you can do either alongside the three-card spread or even in replacement of it if you would like to. 


This spread is called the five-card relationship card, and it brings into play a few different dynamics from the three-card relationship spread. It does still use a card to represent you and a card to represent your partner. Still, now instead of just the basic dynamics third card, you have three cards representing three different dynamics in your relationship. 


The first is the past foundation of your relationship, basically what is the relationship built on, and why are you partners with this person? Second, what was the first thing that initially united the two of you together? 

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The second card represents the present and what is currently going on within the relationship, and this could be good or bad. Finally, this spread’s final and third new card represents the future of your relationship and where it may go in the coming weeks, months, or even years. 


Doing a tarot spread for love can be a great idea to help you learn something about a current relationship you are in and can sometimes lead you to get out of a potentially bad relationship. For quality love psychic readings, choose Midtown Manhattan Psychic. We are a top rated love psychic near you in NYC and you’re going to love the clarity we bring into your life.

You now know what is the best tarot spread for love so good luck.

what is the best tarot spread for love?

best tarot spreads for love