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What Type Of Psychic Reading Is Best?

Psychic reading attempts to discern future events by using perceptive abilities. They also use extensions of the basic human senses of touch, sound, light, taste, and general instinct to read into situations that occur in human lives. They are commonly given to people over a phone call consultation, in a home of a psychic or during psychic fairs that occur every year in different world locations.


Psychic readings remain controversial with some people questioning their work methods and abilities but they remain immensely popular because many people believe in them and their results.


The reasons why people consult psychics vary. They are sought to offer guidance on love, careers, family, romantic relationships, business decisions, school grades, and virtually any reason that is important to people at a point in their life.  NYC psychic Midtown Manhattan Psychic is sought out in the NYC area for her exemplary love psychic readings.  She’s helped people all over the world match up with their true soul mates.

However, the fact is the same whether you’re looking for a psychic to help with love problems and choices or career choices.  We all love to have a glimpse of the future as it guides our current decisions and knowing what to expect in days to come will certainly come in handy and help one to make the best decision today.


There are different types of psychic readings as enumerated and discussed below;


It is the study of the universe comprises of stars and planets which have patterns and relationships with each other. The movements and positions of these objects in the universe are believed to have an effect on the personalities of human beings based on the month that one is born.


Astrology is the basis of the 12 Zodiac signs that are assigned to each month. NYC astrologist Midtown Manhattan Psychic is well aware of the power of astrology!

People born at a particular time and month of the year are believed to have certain personalities that make them behave and experience life in a certain way that psychic readers interpret.


Aura Reading

Aura is a unique attribute that surrounds a person, a thing, or a location. It is purported to be some kind of radiation that surrounds a person and some psychics offer aura readings and interpretations to those who seek their services.


Cartomancy or playing card reading

This is fortune-telling by the use of cards in a deck. There are many variations of this type of fortune-telling and it generally involves the casting of small objects and reading them based on their positions and proximity to each other.


Distant readings

These are psychic readings that happen without the reader(psychic) ever meeting the client seeking the services. Distant readings are also know as phone psychic readings and remote readings too.

It is done remotely on the phone, chat, email, or through letters through the client receives interpreted results.  NYC based phone psychic, Midtown Manhattan Psychic, is very well known for her phone readings that offer accuracy and value to her huge client base.

With distant or phone readings, correspondences are also done via these mediums where both parties converse where the client is allowed to ask questions to be interpreted by the psychic on the other end of the phone. Some of these consultations are known to happen over a long time where clients consult the psychic before any major life decisions.

This form of astrology has gained popularity in recent years because one can get results instantly at the comfort of their homes. Also, the phenomenon that someone can give you direction about your life and disclose so many facts about you without having met you physically is life-changing.


Lithomancy and crystallomancy

In Lithomancy readings, the psychic immerses gems and stones in water or tosses them out as a set and reads them up by how close they are to each other.


This method has given rise to crystallomancy which is the use of a crystal ball that tells about the future by seeing into it.


These methods have various variants across the world and it continues to evolve each passing day.



Numerology: This involves studying meanings of the occult numbers and the influence that they have on human beings’ lives. The psychic uses an individual’s numeric values of date of birth, the number of letters in the client’s name, and with so doing he comes up with certain information about the client’s future.


Palm reading

This is one of the oldest and most common methods that cut across almost all world cultures. Typical palm reading involves the study of the client’s shapes, lines, curves, and wrinkles on the client’s palm. With knowledge of the person, one can be able to tell a lot about them.



This is a form of fortune-telling where the psychic can tell details about the client using their possessions and favorite objects. The psychic asks the client to detail to him what certain objects such as car keys, wedding rings, glasses, etc. mean to him and when he gets a response, he can tell the fortune of that person. The idea or belief is that these objects have a person’s energy by the fact that they have been in close contact with the person for a long time.


Rune reading

Before the Latin alphabet was adopted, runes were used to write several Germanic languages which are believed to have had magical and divine powers and uses. Since they were inscribed in stones that exist to date, they are cast on a mat or cloth for the discernment of future events and detect possible problems.


Tarot reading

Although mainly used for entertainment, tarot cards are sometimes used by a psychic to read future events.  As you may know, tarot readings are a common feature in psychic fairs and other street fairs as an added fun thing to do. It has become a popular method to tell the fortunes of people in recent years.



It is clear that many types of psychic readings exist in the world today and they vary across almost all cultures. Some of them are more popular and known by people more than others. Astrology is by far the most common of them all and it is used by a great number of people of different cultures and religions. Many people believe and consult the zodiac signs daily.


The best psychic method varies between individuals depending on the results that each person has gotten after consultation. These methods work differently for each person and what matters is the experience of an individual. The best summary on What type of psychic reading is best, is that it is dependent on an individual’s experience on the results they have gotten with the methods they use.

If you are in the New York area, please reach out to Midtown Manhattan Psychic.  Our psychic can guide you into which type of psychic reading is best for you!