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Will My Ex Come Back: All You Need To Know


Losing someone you love and have feelings for over a breakup can be quite devastating or tragic in some cases. At the moment, what your mind will be leading you to is what you will feel after the loss and how miserable it will be. This leaves you with no possibility of ever getting back with your ex since you are mostly focused on how you feel. Questions such as will my ex come back eventually crawl up your mind, but you might not see the possibility due to the fallout. The truth is, there is a possibility of your ex coming back. As long as there is communication between you, there is a possibility if you work out with the opportunity.

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Look At the Big Picture

One sure-fire way to know if your ex will come back is to look at the big picture.  Without doing so, you will never really be able to answer the questions of whether or not your ex will come back.

A breakup might only bring a one-sided view of the relationship. This is because the exact needs and the real self is emerging, making both of you compatible or not. This eventually leads to one party feeling the need to break things away. This might not be the case of another situation where one might feel misunderstood and alone in the relationship. The reason why things might be broken off varies from tragic and dangerous such as different forms of abuse to something that can be easily worked out, such as poor communication. Walk with me as we look at the whole situation and see the bigger picture of the matter.

As soon as the “it’s over” phrase is said, things feel different for both parties. One might feel relieved or burdened by the situation or both. At this point, you might not have an idea of what has led to the breakup, or you might know precisely what has happened to things coming down to the breakup. Let’s look at the bigger picture. Come up with the facts that led to the breakup. Talk about what went wrong in the first place and why the other party left. This will give you the chance to spend some time apart, reflect, and think through the issues that drew you apart. At this point, you might want to consider if you are willing to work the relationship and work issues honestly and openly.


will my ex come back after breaking up


Reasons Your Ex Left (And the Probability of Reconciliation)

To determine whether or not your ex will come back, we will rate the following reasons on a scale of 1-10.  1 represents the lowest probability of reconciliation, while 10 represents a high probability of reconciliation.

Reason 1: Your Ex Met Someone Else


If your ex met someone else, there is a 50 50 chance at getting back together, experts say.  Many times an ex will leave and then notice the grass is not always greener on the other side.  However, at this point the choice will be yours and it’s a strong possibility your feelings will have changed by this time.

While your ex may have met someone else and felt an attraction growing, he or she may still be in a “honeymoon phase” in the new relationship. Due to this, eventually he or she may start drifting away so you can keep your eyes open and see what happens.

As you know very well, things do not always turn out as we want them to or as we expect. Your ex may not find anything they were looking for in the new relationship and eventually they may want to come back.  However, your feelings may have changed too.

Reason 2: Your Values Are Different


With breakups resulting from value differences, in a perfect world we will realize that this person isn’t the one for us.  You have to think, if you want different things for your life, it’s natural to move on and find someone who feels the same about life and wants the same things.

NYC Love Psychic Lisa suggests asking yourself if your values are too different to reconcile things.

However, this is not always the case and sometimes love prevails- even if it is a “crazy love”.  For example- if your values are family related but your partners values are for money and prestige, for a relationship to work out either one of you needs to put your values aside or one person needs to accept the other enough to allow them to live life as they want.

We all come from different backgrounds, and this has to be considered in any relationship. One might leave a link since they don’t thoroughly understand this fact, and they do not take the differences kindly. You have to note that this has nothing to do with you since what can be done is accepting the differences and seeing what can be done to incorporate them.

Reason 3: Lack Of Attraction


Most people will not want to be in a relationship with someone they are not attracted to.  This could be in regards to personal habits, cleanliness, physical attractiveness, and a variety of other things.  But you should be aware that if your partner dumped you for this reasons, it’s time to move on.

To find that your partner left due to lack of attraction might leave you asking numerous questions. It can be pretty devastating; considering it’s someone you loved and had feelings for. This can be worked through communicating with your partner to prevent a possible breakup. You might also want to take your time and improve on yourself.

Furthermore, a lack of attraction doesn’t necessarily mean your partner wasn’t simply physically attracted to you.  This could indicate many different things including lack of chemistry, lack of attraction to your personality, feeling of disconnectedness, and more.

Reason 4: Personality Differences


Personality differences can be worked through, although it is never easy.  Breaking up due to personality differences is not always a death sentence for your relationship.

We are all different, and our personalities carry a great deal. Personality differences might make one party pull out. Simply embracing the differences and talking things through with a partner might change things with time since you can help each other with improving the personality unless you want to change and be a whole new person.

Reason 5: Too much conflict


While having a lot of conflict in a relationship is never healthy, couples get back together all the time and continue in a conflicted life together.  This is for reasons that aren’t even related to their current relationship, in fact.

You might be built for a conflicted life, so to speak, if you were raised in a high-conflict environment.  As sad as this is, people naturally gravitate towards things they are comfortable and familiar with.  Let’s just hope that this isn’t it for you!

Conflicts are not a rare case in most of not all relationships. We disagree, but this does not mean that we always have to. If things always heat up, one might prefer running away from the link. Positive ways of resolving conflict and avoiding conflicts can be found once both parties communicate on what works best for them.


couple arguing

Ways to Know If You’re Ex Will Come Back

There are a few reliable ways to know if your ex will come back.  Below we will discuss them so you can determine the answer for yourself.

Use Your Intuition

The most valuable way you can determine whether or not your ex will come back is by using your intuition.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When I think about whether or not my ex will come back, what does my gut tell me?
  • Do I truly feel he or she is thinking of me right now?
  • Do I believe that my ex is probably hurting like I’m hurting?

Answering these questions honestly can prove to be difficult.  However, they can give you the information you need to determine whether your ex will REALLY come back.

As much as people will consider facts and logic, listening to your gut feeling might help you know if your ex will come back. I believe you have heard cases like, ” I just knew he/she would come.” Listening to your gut might be one unsure way but a helpful way to know if your ex will come back.

Has Your Ex Called?

Ask yourself whether or not your ex has tried to contact you.  Usually, it will take several days for a person to do so.  However, if it has been more than a month with no attempts to contact, it’s possible your ex may not come back.

Monitor these things:

  • Have you received any attempts at contact following the breakup?
  • Has your ex showed up in places where he or she knew you would be?
  • Have you noticed your ex’s car anywhere?
  • Has your ex been stalking your social media?

A lot of this depends on how things were left off. Chances are, if the ex-broke it off, they miss you and want to be friends again, or if the ex feels that they are the reason things broke off, they feel guilty and want to make things right. Chances might be they want to get back with you, and they are trying to gauge your interest.

Get A Psychic Reading

Though some people will believe in psychic readings, some will not. However, NYC psychic readings with Midtown Manhattan Psychic are said to be the very best in NYC.  And getting a psychic reading could give you an idea of whether or not an ex will return.

Paying a psychic to tell you whether your ex will get back to you might help you. Phone psychic readings might also help. If you feel the need to reconcile with your ex, then it’s a go for you. Take that chance to make things better.


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Look At Astrology

Astrology covers a great deal and some believe very strongly in astrology. Using some zodiac signs can also help you know your ex will come back in different ways.  You can learn about your compatibility with your ex and if your relationship was destined to fail.  NYC astrologist Midtown Manhattan Psychic is a great astrologist to hire if you’re wondering about your ex.

Astrology can tell you the following things:

  • Whether you and your ex are compatible
  • Characteristics of your personality and your ex’s personality which might indicated if they’re thinking about you
  • If you are in a place where you will meet the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life

Additionally, you may find out that the ex might not come back as a lover but as a friend instead.  If you had a very strong bond this could very likely happen. The use of tarot cards is another way you might know whether your ex will be coming back.

How Did You Leave things?

The way you leave things might help you know whether your ex will come back. If things were left at a mutual understanding of improving oneself or pursuing what one wants in life, this will tell you a lot about whether he or she will come back.

Things to ask about the way you broke off the relationship:

  • Who broke things off?
  • Did your ex say that he or she wants to see other people?
  • Did your ex indicate that he or she still loves you?
  • Did you leave things on good terms or bad terms?
  • Was there abuse in the relationship?


In conclusion, every relationship is made easier through communication and avoiding some complexities which might arise from poor communication and ignoring simple things. Your ex coming back might be determined on your reaction and trying not to push them further away but working on bringing them closer to you.